premature ejaculation

how to prevent premature ejaculation

Dear Friend,

Sounds familiar?

It's embarrassing, I know.

And instead of a "you're welcome", you're more likely to get a disappointed and painfully dissatisfied look from your lover.

And for good reason.

Even if she says it's okay, you know better - especially if this has been more of the norm than just an occasional "accident".

Having to constantly look your lover in the eye after a less than stellar performance can be devastating - both to your psychological state and the relationship, in general.

Sex is supposed to be mutually gratifying for both you and your partner but if you end up blowing your load within minutes (or even seconds) of starting...

...You're not just ruining the entire experience for her, but more importantly, you've greatly diminished your ability to find pleasure in your own climax as well[1].

And in a recent internet survey, nearly 70% of men reported lasting longer than 2 minutes after penetration - meaning nearly 3 out of every 4 men technically suffer from premature ejaculation[2][3]

Perhaps, the only consolation you can get from those statistics is that you're not alone.

But that hardly does anything to stem the embarrassment, humiliation and the feeling of being a lesser man.

I should know - I've been in the same boat.

I'm going to spare you the sordid details but rest assured I know how it feels to be:

Constantly tortured by the thought of not being able to sexually satisfy a woman.

Always worried about being dumped by your girlfriend or spouse for someone who's better under the covers.

Being afraid to enter into an intimate relationship knowing that once it was time to finally get in bed, whatever magic you've managed to weave around a girl will prematurely explode in your pants even before the bell rings.

Helpless against your own climax and ejaculating just a few minutes (or even seconds!) into the act

Thinking you’ll always be in this pitiful situation forever.

Unable to make sex a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner

Afraid of sex instead of looking forward to it, because you know it will only lead to another disappointing performance

It was degrading. It was torturous. It was downright awful.

I tried a wide range of remedies to try to fix the problem - pills, creams, sprays, exercises, meditation, therapy, the whole ball of wax.

I spent a serious amount of money, not to mention an untold number of hours, just to find a solution that works and that works for good. But to no avail.

Besides all the trial and error with those numerous remedies, I was also doing extensive research on the subject of premature ejaculation.

I read medical journals, psychological profiles, previously published papers and articles on the subject.

I was a relentless man on a mission.

And that’s when the truth hit me straight in the face.

I don’t know if it’s some sort of a conspiracy between the medical research community and the drug manufacturers and frankly, I don’t care.

What I care about is finding a lasting cure for my premature ejaculation and completely banishing it from my life.

If the best the market can offer me are remedies targeting symptoms or addressing only one or two of the major causes of this condition and are unable to eliminate it fully…

…Screw the market!

I figured, if I was to get rid of my premature ejaculation…

And that’s where my journey to find the ultimate cure began.

I wasted no time and started searching for and reading medical journals, psychological profiles, previously published papers and articles on the subject.

In the process of finding the answers I became intimately familiar with the entire issue of male sexual dysfunction.

I became an expert on the subject!

It was then that I came across my most significant find.

It was the most successful study of premature ejaculation to date[1]!

I dissected the study and went through every bit of it with a microscope.

With what I already knew about the subject resulting from my extensive research, I reduced everything to its basic concepts to make sure I understood the logic behind the treatment program.

After I was satisfied with my own understanding of the basics, I began to build everything up again layer by layer, substituting the component laboratory input and treatments with alternative natural remedies readily available to anyone, making sure I was staying within the proper clinical parameters to arrive at the same positive results.

It was a painstaking process akin to taking an entire car apart to its smallest component pieces and then putting it back together again.

But the extensive labor paid off!

Total Ejaculation Control is the only full system for curing premature ejaculation that:

Addresses all 4 major causes of premature ejaculation (details of these 4 causes will be discussed later), thereby solving the problem at its root and consequently eliminating most, if not all, resultant symptoms!

Utilizes all natural treatments and remedies instead of traditional medicines and prescription drugs that actually do more damage than good!

Includes immediate, as well as long-term solutions for premature ejaculation using alternative natural cures thereby minimizing and even totally eliminating, unwanted side effects.

Does not include overpriced affiliate products as part of the treatment program.

Incorporates the full solution in one simple and easy to implement treatment program – no costly continuities, no expensive products you have to purchase over and over again and, best of all, it has been proven to work with lasting results.

Guarantees you’ll increase your ejaculation time by 30 minutes in 30 days or I’ll double your money back!


The scientific study by which Total Ejaculation Control is modeled after took 138 men suffering from severe premature ejaculation problems and subjected them to the test treatments.

Out of these 138 men, 136 walked away either experiencing significant improvements or totally cured of their premature ejaculation issues[1]!

To understand the mechanics of this treatment system more clearly, we need to first have a solid grasp on the root of the problem.

I know you don’t need a lecture in Biological Chemistry so I won’t give you one. :-)

So let’s just stick with the basics.

  • The Serotonin – Dopamine Issue

Serotonin and Dopamine are two naturally occurring hormones directly responsible for premature ejaculation. Increased Dopamine levels cause quicker ejaculation times while increased Serotonin levels cause slower and more delayed ejaculation times. An increase in Serotonin levels automatically decreases Dopamine levels and vice versa.

In a nutshell, while making love, you need higher levels of Serotonin in your bloodstream than Dopamine[4][5].

But this is a delicate balancing act.

If Dopamine levels drop too low and your Serotonin levels become too high, your sexual urge is affected. In short, you will experience a waning libido[6].

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Unfortunately, humans, more so sufferers of premature ejaculation, hardly have any direct control on the body’s production of these hormones.

So the trick is to regulate the body’s production of these two hormones and keep it in a balance. But this has to be done in a non-invasive way with the help of natural treatments so as to avoid any unwanted side effects[7].

  • The Histamine Issue

Histamine is another naturally occurring chemical in the body that’s directly responsible for the sensitivity of the penis (Lidocaine, the most-common ingredient in numbing creams, is simply an antihistamine!)[8]

The more Histamine present in the bloodstream during sex, the more sensitive the penis becomes. And the more sensitive the penis is, the more likely for ejaculation to occur prematurely[11].

This means, in order to lessen the sensitivity of the penis thereby making it last longer before ejaculating, Histamine levels should be decreased.

Other treatment programs solve this with Histamine blocking creams which have a harmful long-term side effect on the penis[9].

Traditional drugs that block Histamine also result in less harmful but counter-productive side effects[10].

Sleepiness, headaches, nausea (antihistamines) or loss of feeling (PE creams).

Now, what good would it be to lessen the sensitivity of your soldier so it lasts longer in battle if you end up dozing/sick on the frontlines or find yourself (or both of you!) unable to feel anything at all? :-)

So the solution is to naturally decrease the “delivery” of Histamine on a cellular level by introducing another naturally occurring substance – Arginine, one of the most common amino acids.

You see, there’s only enough room in the cells for either Arginine or Histamine. So if you increase your Arginine levels, you naturally lessen the circulation of Histamine in the body (much like the relationship between Dopamine and Serotonin).

  • The Phosphodieterase Type 5 Issue

You probably know that Viagra or sildenafil, is the leading drug that aids men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

The sildenafil in Viagra relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels of the penis thereby increasing blood flow.

This increased blood flow results to a firmer, stiffer and stronger erection.

But what has that got to do with premature ejaculation?

You should understand that these causes of premature ejaculation are closely interrelated with each other. This is the reason why unless all 4 of these causes are addressed, premature ejaculation cannot be totally cured.

Now, since your body is being subjected to a delicate balancing act of its production and use of certain hormones and naturally occurring chemicals (Serotonin and Dopamine, and Histamine and Arginine), during initial treatment, the body can only concentrate as much.

In other words, the body is saying, “I’m already trying to make sure your Dopamine and Serotonin levels are in proper proportion, as well as your Histamine and Arginine levels. Don’t expect me to keep your soldier up and firm too while doing all these. I can only do so much!”

Get the picture? :-)

Thus, “extra help” is needed to keep your little sergeant stand in attention long enough for the mission to be accomplished.

This is the reason why in the original study, Viagra was an important part of the treatment.

However in my research, I found certain herbs were just as effective as Viagra in promoting increased penile blood flow - and they had fewer side effects!

  • The Psychological Issue (Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Activity)

Bodily functions operating below the level of consciousness such as heart rate, digestion, respiration, salivation and sexual arousal are governed by the Autonomic Nervous System.

This is further divided into 2 subsystems: the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

This is where most remedies and treatment programs screw things up.

Without getting too technical, here’s how this affects ejaculation.

You probably know that the same organs we use for reproduction is also used in urinary excretion. So most of the muscular and nervous controls between these 2 functions operate generally the same.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System is responsible for “holding matters together” in this area of the body, which includes storing urine and in effect, semen.

The Sympathetic Nervous System , on the other hand is in charge of “letting things go”, in short, urinating and ejaculation.

To put things simply, whichever nervous system is stronger gets its way. The key is to balance them - too strong of a Sympathetic Nervous System results in premature ejaculation, while too strong of a Parasympathetic Nervous System results in erectile dysfunction.

Most PE systems tell you to focus solely on your Parasympathetic Nervous System, but if you actually do that, you'll find your "little man" losing strength real quick.

Understanding how these mechanics work gives you control over when you use each Nervous System, in effect letting you control when your body holds your semen and when it decides to ejaculate.

Until now…

Total Ejaculation Control mimics the entire process undergone by the original successful study thus ensuring the same phenomenal results.

In fact, Total Ejaculation Control takes it even further by substituting all the prescription drugs and medication included and introduced in the original study with alternative natural treatments.

This significantly reduces the occurrence of unwanted side effects, both immediate and long-term.

And at the same time, it promotes the faster adaptation of the body to the desired result because only natural substances are used and introduced to the body.

Talk about Total Ejaculation Control! :-)

Imagine the multiple orgasms you’ll be able to give your lover as you’re able to hold off on your ejaculation for half an hour…and more!

You’re on your way to becoming a sex god!

But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s how Total Ejaculation Control stacks up against the products currently available.


Total Ejaculation Control

Other Similar Programs & Books

Creams and Sprays

Herbal Pills

Permanent Results

Includes Immediate Fixes


Addresses All 4 Major Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

Based On An Actual Scientific Study With A 98.5% Success Rate For Curing Premature Ejaculation

Easy To Implement

Proven Effective

All Natural (No Harmful Side Effects)


Double Your Money Back Guarantee

There’s no question about it.

When it comes to effectively eliminating premature ejaculation…

Permanent Results – this treatment program is designed to totally eliminate premature ejaculation by naturally changing your body’s adaptation to sexual stimuli.

The idea is to change your body’s orientation and automatic response to sexual arousal by the aid of natural methods and remedies so you don’t experience uncomfortable resistance from your body. Instead it gradually “learns” to adapt this new set of responses and develops it as its own.

Includes Immediate Fixes – this premature ejaculation treatment system does not just include steps you can take to ensure you experience long-term effects.

It also includes immediate fixes and remedies you can readily apply to get fast results for when you need it.

Convenient – Total Ejaculation Control comes in eBook format so you gain access to its treasure trove of premature ejaculation solutions, both immediate and long-term, as soon as you make your purchase today.

No need to wait for packages of creams, pills and sprays to arrive.

Order your copy now and you’ll be on your way to getting rid of premature ejaculation in no time!

Addresses All 4 Major Causes Of Premature Ejaculation – Only Total Ejaculation Control addresses all 4 major causes of premature ejaculation in one comprehensive treatment program.

You need to understand that these 4 major causes are not independent of each other.

They are interrelated. So in order to completely solve your premature ejaculation issues, you need to fix all 4 problems right at the roots.

And Total Ejaculation Control does exactly that!

Based On An Actual Scientific Study With A 98.5% Success Rate For Curing Premature Ejaculation – this system is not just another run of the mill solution cooked up in some garage somewhere.

This is based on the most successful premature ejaculation study to date that has a 98.5% success rate for getting rid of the problem.

No other product even comes close to how effective Total Ejaculation Control is.

Easy To Implement – no complicated procedures to follow, only simple and highly doable instructions and measures to make sure you increase your ejaculation time as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Proven Effective – since Total Ejaculation Control is modeled after the most successful scientific study on premature ejaculation to date, the level of effectiveness of this system is unparalleled and unmatched by any currently available treatment program or other similar products.

A vast number of people have already experienced the amazing results Total Ejaculation Control has to offer.

Just imagine how life-changing this can be for you as well.

All Natural (No Harmful Side Effects) – Total Ejaculation Control only incorporates natural remedies, treatments and substances in the program.

Other similar products promote the use of prescription drugs, pills, creams and sprays that when used over an extended period actually cause more harm than good.

With Total Ejaculation Control you can be sure that as much as possible, only naturally occurring substances and chemicals are introduced in the body so as not to interfere with its natural bio-chemical constitution.

Inexpensive – this is the only premature ejaculation treatment system that does not include the use of overpriced affiliate products in the program.

The price of this system alone is already the lowest in the market and you can rest assured that all extra cures, medications and remedies this program entails will not burn a hole through your wallet – GUARANTEED!

If you’re serious about finally being able to last longer in bed so you can make your partner scream and writhe in pleasure over and over again…

…You need not look any farther.

Let’s make this as clear cut as possible.

Without Total Ejaculation Control, here’s what happens:

You’ll never totally get rid of your premature ejaculation and you’ll be stuck with it for lif

You’ll keep trying method after method, treatment after treatment and will run the risk of being thought as a weirdo by your partner because of the different things you keep trying before making love just so you’ll last long enough to hear her start to moan.

You’ll always be afraid to get into intimate relationships because you know when it’s time to get in bed, whatever magic you’ve managed to weave will just explode prematurely inside your pants.

You’ll always settle for low quality and incomplete solutions that’ll just drain you financially but won’t give you any worthwhile results.

You’ll keep using creams and sprays that only address a small portion of your entire premature ejaculation issue but never really solve the problem.

You’ll keep using serotonin pills which if used continuously over a prolonged period causes impotence, retarded ejaculation and eventually anorgasmia (the inability to experience sexual orgasm)

You’ll fall prey to other similar treatment programs like this that require you to buy overpriced affiliate products continually for as long as you feel any sexual urge.

You’ll become dependent on expensive products you have to buy and use over and over again every time you’re going to have sex.

You’ll be relegated to “quickies”, unable to experience and enjoy the full gratifying pleasures of sex

Your self-esteem and self-worth will suffer a devastating blow because of the knowledge that you can never pleasure a woman.

You’ll get to a point where you’ll begin to really feel like a lesser man, even going as far as doubting your own masculinity

No man should ever endure a life like that – full of humiliation, embarrassment and degraded self-worth.

On the other hand…

WITH Total Ejaculation Control, here’s what you get:

A complete and all-natural solution to getting rid of your premature ejaculation for good!

Your search for a lasting and permanent cure for premature ejaculation will finally come to a happy ending.

Your partner will absolutely adore you and worship you as her own personal sex god!

You’ll always be confident that your premature ejaculation will never show its ugly head ever again!

You won’t have to worry about what new trick or what new method you’re going to use to last longer – you can spend this energy instead in trying to be inventive and creative in bed making your mate scream in pleasure

You don’t have to risk suffering the long-term ill-effects of using all those prescription drugs and treatments for premature ejaculation.

You’ll save a lot of money you’ll otherwise spend in treatments and cures that don’t work.

You’ll enjoy sex fully and start looking forward to it even more because you know you’re able to give your mate an unforgettable time.

You’ll have amazing confidence and high self-esteem which will make you even more attractive to the opposite sex on a subliminal level knowing that you’ll be able to deliver the goods under the sheet

The intimate possibilities are endless once you get rid of your premature ejaculation once and for all.

I’ll level with you.

I want you to go ahead and read everything I’ve listed above that you’ll get with Total Ejaculation Control.

Once you’re done, I want you to think about this...

Considering everything you’ve already gone through with your premature ejaculation – all the embarrassment, all the humiliation, all the ruined intimacy, all the suffering, both physically and psychologically, all the mental trauma…

What price tag are you going to put on the chance to experience all of the benefits listed above and more for real and for good?

I know I paid a lot to finally come up with this cure...I'm talking over $6,000 to create a cure that finally worked!

I don’t care if this comes off cheesy or what but, I’m more concerned about the 60,000 fellow Americans out there suffering from premature ejaculation and constantly looking for treatments and cures and finding none.

So, as much as the value of this guide tempts me to attach to it a hefty price tag, let me make this a whole lot easier for you.

You can get Total Ejaculation Control for an investment of…



One simple payment of...

Total Ejaculation Control

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Problem is, most of those meditation self-help books are garbage. Bullsh*t. When you’ve spent your life teaching your body how to be tense a few lines on deeper breathing won’t help you last 5 more seconds. That’s why I’ve included a 90+ page book that covers a dozen different ways ato truly relax.

Bonus #6 – Superstar Sex Positions (a $47 value)

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One simple payment of...

Total Ejaculation Control

Still sitting on top of the fence, unsure whether this is really what you’ve been waiting for all this time?

Well, let me help you down over to this side.

I don’t want you to hurt yourself in places where even this guide won’t be able to help you

Get Your Copy Of Total Ejaculation Control Now

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And If You Don’t Add An Extra 30 Minutes To Your Ejaculation Time In The Next 30 Days

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Get Your Copy Of Total Ejaculation Control Now And Be On Your Way To Becoming Your Lover’s Personal Sex God Right Now!

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Total Ejaculation Control

To Longer, Hotter and Steamier Sex,

Steve Sizemore
Sex Researcher and Author

P.S. Total Ejaculation Control is the ONLY premature ejaculation solution in the market right now that addresses all 4 major causes of this condition and is the only treatment program of its kind based on the 98.5% efficacy of the most successful scientific study on premature ejaculation to date.

P.P.S. If despite everything I’ve shown you right now, you’re still undecided, just remember that you’re covered by my iron-clad, no-nonsense, love-it-or-leave-it 200% guarantee that if your ejaculation time does not increase by 30 minutes in 30 days, I’ll double your money back.

P.P.P.S. Total Ejaculation Control is the lowest priced premature ejaculation solution of its class in the market today.

Needless to say, with the kind of value packed tight in this system, we are looking to raise the price soon – and the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve been getting is working to make that possibility closer and closer to reality.

So don’t delay. Get your copy of Total Ejaculation Control now while we still have it up for such a low price.

This may very well be your last chance to get this system at this low price.

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Total Ejaculation Control





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